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Reykjavík University Information

Rental agreement / Fees

Foreign students must apply for Icelandic social security number (SSN) as soon as they arrive in Iceland. After recceiving the SSN you need to notify our office by sending it to After that you can go to BN office in Skeifan 19 and sign the contract. You also need to apply for icelandic bank account after you get your SSN.

  • Processing fee for each contract period and for contract extension is 5.000 ISK
  • Transfer fee for transfer between apartments is 12.500 ISK
  • Extra housekey for RU apartments is 1.000 ISK
  • If you need to have a caretaker let you in to your room/apartment of out office hours (9-16 on weekdays), you wil be charged 10.000 ISK on your next bill.

Rent benefits

You can apply for rent benefits on You need to have SSN and at least 6 month long contract.


Before arriving at the apartment you need to download the OPENOW app. You need to register with the same email as in your application. After you have you need to notify us by sending email to You need to have your bluetooth turned on to recceive the key. You´ll get the key in your app the same day as your contract starts.


Phone number of Öryggismiðstöðin for residents at Nauthólsvegur: 530-2400.

From 1st of september Öryggismiðstöðin will provide security services for residents at Nauthólsvegur 83 and 85. If a situation arises that requires urgent assistance outside the office hours of BN Student Housing (see, residents can call the operations centre of Öryggismiðstöðin at 530-2400.

Please note that the cost of a security guard response may be charged to a resident if the situation that arose has not been correctly responded to by the resident.


If the fire alarm system is activated by accident:

Prevent smoke from reaching the detector and air out the apartment as soon as possible. NOTE that the detector may under no circumstances be removed from the ceiling as this causes an error in the system.

Call Öryggismiðstöðin at 530-2400 to cancel an alert in the case of a false alarm. If no phone call is made, Öryggismiðstöðin will send a security guard to the premises and the cost of this will be charged to residents.

If the fire alarm control unit itself sounds an alarm, residents must go to the stairwell entrance where the control unit is located and push the button marked “Stöðva vælu” (Stop siren).

Push the button marked “Endursetning” (Reset) on the control unit of the fire alarm system; the word “Tilbúin” (Ready) will then appear on the screen of the control unit (NOTE that the key for the unit should not be set to “Læsa hnöppum” (Lock buttons)).


If you get locked outside or door locks malfunction:

1)         If this happens during the office hours of BN Student Housing, call the office of the company at 570-6600 or the building supervisors of the company (the phone numbers can be seen on the website

2)         If this happens outside office hours, residents must call Öryggismiðstöðin and they will then arrive to open apartments. Residents will be charged the cost of opening an apartment, unless the door system malfunctioned.


Termination / return of housing

Housing is automatically terminated at the end of the lease. Three months before the end of the rental period, tenants receive an email informing them that they have 10 days to extend or terminate through their home area. Those who intend to continue renting after the end of the contract period must request an extension of the contract three months before the end of the rental period. If housing is terminated before the end of the rental period, a form of termination shall be used until the tenant's home area. BN reserves the right to a three-month notice period during the rental period. The notice period is shortened if the office of BN can, at the tenant's request, provide a new resident before that request must be received in writing to, but the deadline will never be shorter than one month from the notice. Termination can not be withdrawn if a new tenant has accepted the contract. It is not possible to change the date in the request to be released earlier except in consultation with the BN office and that request must be sent to

It is possible to apply for a transfer within the system after six months in rent from Byggingafélagið. To do this, you need to submit a new application on your homepage on


Useful information

  • The internet is provided by RU. Assistance is available by sending an email to:
  • The laundry room is in the basement, C side of the house. You can use the machines from 7-22.
  • We encourage tenants to have a key in their phone and a "dart" for safety in case it is either lost or does not work temporarily. The app is called Openow and must use the same email address as the application that was submitted to BN. Darts are available at BN's office in Skeifan, Reykjavik.
  • Storage is included with each apartment and can be found in the basement.
  • Bicycle storage is in all the stairwells of the house. Bicycle storage in house B and C is in the basement but in house A on the 1st floor. Please note that part of the C-house apartments (western part) has access to bicycle storage in the B-staircase. This is done to even the load on the bicycle storage.
  • Work is underway to register a fixed number for the apartments, but until they are ready, tenants can use 232-7996 to apply for housing benefit at 
  • The number of parking spaces at RU University Parks is limited according to the City of Reykjavík's zoning plan. It is assumed that only a small part of the population has access to a car.
  • The contract is signed after the tenant has sent in their school papers and depost. If you have arrived in Iceland and have icelandic social security number, icelandic phone number and bank account you can get electronic ID on your phone from your bank. Then it´s possible to sign the contracts online at 

For details regarding your payment methods while you stay at Nauthólsvegur 83-85


  1. As soon as you arrive to Iceland you need to apply for an ID number or „kennitala“. This is necessary for you to stay in Nauthólsvegur 83-85.
  2. When you get your kennitala you send it to us .
  3. You then open an Icelandic bank account so that you can pay your rent through the banking system. This is also necessary.
  4. You then pay your rent through the Icelandic bank. But the bill will appear there. Due date is seven days after it is issued.